Friday, February 27, 2009

hand embroidery

recently i have got back into hand embroidery as i can do this while i am resting up and watching a movie.
Of course i like candle wick stitches for their bold outlines as well as the fine lines that floss gives.
i am trying some of the dimensional stitches and having fun with that as well.
Learning new things certainly helps me cope with this illness, as well as having fun.


  1. Hi Dawa,
    I haven't been online much lately and still need to go buy a webcam. That technology is amazing to me.

    I love your new photo! And your embroidery is absolutely beautiful! I have been doing a little bit of embroidery myself. It has been awhile since I've done much embroidery and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I find it so relaxing and portable. And I'm finding that I really have fun experimenting with different stitches.

    Hope to catch you online soon!
    Carol in Fair Oaks, CA