Friday, April 24, 2009

april 24

here are a couple of pics of a comfort quilt for a cyber sister

Thursday, April 23, 2009


One of my favourite pictures

and more 23rd

no breeze untill i started doing

more on Thursday 23

My method of making scruffy quilts is for me a fun time. I sometimes do this when I am low but would still like to do something. There is something really good and satisfying about ripping...LOL

I had been sorting fabrics and found some that would be suitable...had some 8" applique heart squares done so they will be used. These hearts were made several years ago and then not needed for that project. Have been 'sitting' ever since.
So I needed 8" squares. My method is to rip. I rip stripps and then rip into squares. This is a lot easier on my hands and arms than rotary cutting. The idea for these quilts is that they are scruffy so why use up a blade. Also I can do this sitting down...if I were to stand over the table and rotary cut this many squares my back would be sore for days. Not to mention sore hands and arms.

This is why they are for me fun quilts. THEN I get to use up that "pretty' piece of fabric that has been around for awhile. Also fabric that I have not taken a shine to but is too good to throw away can be used as the middle pieces.

So all in all I have fun; use fabric that has been around awhile and then there is the aspect of no pinning or quilting required....I do bind the outside edges tho as I like that finish.

This is for me a great way to use some of my stash.

thursday april 23

Well it is still raining here.

yesterday i was ripping fabric for scruffy quilts and sorting for back;middle and front.

then i decided it needed some embroidered squares so i am doing some simple outline blocks....just three or four per quilt.
these are a couple of the ones i have been working on.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

sunday April19

this quilt was a gift from some great women on one of my groups

Friday, April 17, 2009

friday april 17

Good morning from a lovely autumn day.
It is wonderful to have the hot summer gone.
The pics are quilts going to Victoria...all the tops were donated..I just had to put them together and quilt them.
I added ric rac and lace to some and had fun with the whole process.
With the cooler weather I am feeling so much better and the effects of the radium don't seem as severe.
Am being over run by ants at present and the ant rid and such is having no effect at all.
I have some apple cider vinegar here and am trying that today. When I see an ant running I wipe the surface with the vinegar.....sure hope it work
Braved the store shed
gets harder to find my way out each time.
may the Lord bless you all

friday april 17

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wednesday april 15...sunny day

i made this one not to open all the way down Sunny day so i am able to get some pics taken

added a little embroidery to the baby jackets

These three sweaters were made from the same pattern...just different weight yard and size of needles.


wednesday april15

i was really glad to see the wreck on the truck/

the embroidery was a swap sent by my friend Denise.

She is a beginner and did a great job

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday 14th

The embroidered lady is going to my friend Flo in Canada.

Yesterday the rain absolutely teemed down all day and well into the night.

This shows the add on that is built onto my own van/trailer. Not big home but OK for just me and my sewing.

Hard living here with so much rain tho.

Friday, April 10, 2009

good friday

It took me several days to get over the fire and settle down.
Praise the Lord that he kept my home and his servant safe yet again.

thru an Internet connection i have found a shelter for women and children to send socks and hats etc to help keep out the cold.

I love making socks on double pointed needles as I find the rhythm very relaxing.

I had a bonnet girl that I had machine appliqued; had hand painted the back ground and then used this piece to practice some new stitches on. I had thought her finished but decided to put a border on.
She will go to a cyber sister who has given me so much support over the years.
starting another and will a sunbonet girl this time. It is good to have a real piece of work to do the "practice " on.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

this happened 4 feet away from my home......very scary

the quick action of another resident saved my home.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

saturday April 4

Hello; This is to let all those of you who have been kind and generous in sending quilt tops and blocks.
For some reason our quilts have not made it to the 'official' blog that is recording all quilts sent.
I don't know why and I apologise and am sorry this has happened.

I am making the quilts and I am sending them but it looks like this is the only place u will see them.

thankyou all who have responded and sent blocks and tops. You are very precious women.

On a lighter note the treatment for the brain tumor has been successfull....thankyou all for your prayers and support.