Thursday, April 23, 2009

more on Thursday 23

My method of making scruffy quilts is for me a fun time. I sometimes do this when I am low but would still like to do something. There is something really good and satisfying about ripping...LOL

I had been sorting fabrics and found some that would be suitable...had some 8" applique heart squares done so they will be used. These hearts were made several years ago and then not needed for that project. Have been 'sitting' ever since.
So I needed 8" squares. My method is to rip. I rip stripps and then rip into squares. This is a lot easier on my hands and arms than rotary cutting. The idea for these quilts is that they are scruffy so why use up a blade. Also I can do this sitting down...if I were to stand over the table and rotary cut this many squares my back would be sore for days. Not to mention sore hands and arms.

This is why they are for me fun quilts. THEN I get to use up that "pretty' piece of fabric that has been around for awhile. Also fabric that I have not taken a shine to but is too good to throw away can be used as the middle pieces.

So all in all I have fun; use fabric that has been around awhile and then there is the aspect of no pinning or quilting required....I do bind the outside edges tho as I like that finish.

This is for me a great way to use some of my stash.

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