Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july 1

Well it has finally all happened. The main part of the switching of trailers is done.
What a relief.
The guys were amazing they jacked the trailer up and moved it side-ways before towing it out.
Then the bigger trailer was brought over and reversed in...jacked up and pushed into place.
Sorry no pics as I had spent four hours in the emergency room that morning...and was told to just watch.....if i even looked like i may be going to do something all these voices yelled ..watching only.
Couple of guys who are working locally at the moment came over and helped push the big one in.
There is lots more space now and i am slowly getting things organised.

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  1. It is always amazing how much room we start with and how our stuff takes over. Good luck settling in. Diane Erzebet from Ladies of Steeles