Saturday, October 17, 2009

These are pics of the first items for a fundraiser.
A friend of mine was touched by the pictures of children eating 'mud' biscuits as they were so hungry.
When I heard of this I was also touched.
In a country where we have enough most of the time we can only immagine what it would be like.
I felt the Lord calling me to use the talents he has given me to help these children.
These are the first of the things done.
Round things are dish coths; hexagons are hot stands...then come humbug bags and two key fobs.
the key fobs are hard on my eyes so will not do very many of these.


  1. Hi..I was so admiring your pretty blog and was going to become a follower, however,I can't find the place to add myself. I will be back though,all your things are so pretty..I can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Hi Dawa,

    you make such beautiful things, and especially the hexagon hot pads - great idea with the applique!