Saturday, August 20, 2011

re tests

We left here at 5.00am on Thursday and arrived back around 6.30pm on Friday.
What an eventful time we had.
On Thursday Robert locked the keys in the car....tried to get in but we eventually had to break a small window.    you should have seen the faces of those around us......looks of horror etc.
I was laughing soooooooooooo much.    Robert was embarrassed.
I told Robert that if it was going to be funny later then it is funny  now.
he was sooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed tho that he had done that.
My attitude is that if it is not life threatening it is not important.
Anyway we got outa there and after a while found somewhere to stay the night.
The motel was near a fish shop and I had calamari; scallops and prawns.    Was cooked so well and I really enjoyed it.
After a terrible night of horrid dreams we were back at the hospital by 7.00am.
The staff were fantastic.   The procedure was done......did not find what was expected so no stents.
Did put two patches on arteries that were leaking tho.     Maybe that will help.
Rain fell most of the way home and today is cold and windy.


  1. good to know all is well Dawa!

  2. What a beautiful spot on the ocean! And your dinner sounds delicious! Glad you had medical attention for your leaking arteries and I hope you're feeling back to your old self very soon!

    Wishing you well and sending healing hugs for a complete recovery!