Friday, November 11, 2011


I got all the pics out of order[again]
the top one should be at the bottom shows where i am up to at this time.
The second pic is a preview showing the space left for the needle felting.

 Checking that the size and shape is OK for where it will be going.


  1. Love your freeform piece! And the photo at the head of your blog - is that Chinese White Wisteria? It is absolutely breathtaking!

  2. I am so impressed with your work. Thanks for sharing your blog on our FFC group. And, I like your new home - the white walls are so inviting. I love plants, and I haven't grown decorative plants in many years. However, I'm trying again. Hope you are doing well. Margaret aka sharecropper in Central Florida USA

  3. I can second that, the image you have on the top of your page is stunning. Absolutely beautiful!
    Cheers, Mal

  4. hey Dawa, did you get to finish this, I love the colours and is that a wattle.
    big quilty hugs mommouse

  5. heck, that is not a wattle, what on earth is it, bet we are not allowed to have it in the west, huggles mm