Friday, May 30, 2008


This page is in memory of my kitty Cleopatra who was my friend and inspiration for 11 years.

Cats figure a lot in my applique and I have designed a number of articles and panels using cat applique.
They seem to take on a life of their own as I work.
Did a commission a couple of years ago. . they sent me pics of the four cats and I was able to do a hanging. That was fun.


  1. Your quilts and hanging are amazing Dawa! You are an Artist...
    I admire the way you have of adding whimsy, just Lovely!
    I had a kitty named Cleopatra also,, we called her Cleo.. she past several years ago..

  2. Dear Dawa,
    Your quilts are wonderful! So much fun!

    My cats, Tillie and Shaq, both love to "help" me sew on my quilts.

    Tillie likes to 'press' them while she sleeps and Shaq takes a more active role, reaching over the top of the sewing machine as he tries to catch the thread.

    hugs to you,
    Carol in Fair Oaks, CA