Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i have been here a month now.
And for the person who was so rude about my sewing area........this is now 'getting' to be more how i like it to be.

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  1. Hi Dawa!
    I'm so glad that you finally have a/c - at least in one room of your new place. You've accomplished alot in just a month! Give yourself time to get things settled and make some beautiful things for your walls. As busy as you keep with your sewing, and with the heat, I'm amazed at all you have accomplished! And your sewing shelves look beautiful, like a rainbow! You inspire me to get my own space as organized. Right now things I have fabrics separated in plastic tubs, which makes lots more work for me when I'm selecting fabrics for a new project. I bought 2 shelf units from a local quilt shop when it closed, and that is my inspiration - to get them moved into the space and organized with fabrics so I can 'shop' my shelves!

    What a fascinating tree! The photo you posted of the tree with the large fruits hanging down. I'm so curious to hear what you can find out about them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were delicious? There are so many of them!