Saturday, January 29, 2011

saturday jan 29

The bag is an order from a woman at church.

The trees I pass every morning as I do the walk.

Don't know what those 'fruits' are tho.

Very hot days ..........
However I have an a/c again in one room. Making life a lot easier.
Still working on the blocks for that big quilt.
But sometimes I need a break too and thats when do the other little projects.

Is very strange living here afteryears in the trailer. I am hoping I get used to it in time.
I keep re-arranging stuff....trying to find the 'best' spot.
And the walls are all so bare.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dawa I love the quilts..especially the knit blocks..Margaret did. What a nice idea..will be lovely!
    You are so talented too.

    Love all you do sweetie.
    When are you moving back to the trailer park? Guess you will be happy to grow the veggies and flowers again there!
    Hugz..take care, reina